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Nothing is off limits in this unhinged and unfiltered weekly comedy show. The unique variety of content in Somewhat Damaged is hilarious and topical; featuring interviews with well-known comedians, actors, musicians and others from the world of entertainment. Somewhat Damaged skillfully navigates humor, leading to hilarious and always insightful discussions.

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Greg Alprin is a wordsmith & comedy DJ. Crafting his DJ skillz at frat parties while attending college in Boston, he holds the intramural collegiate record in the short jump. He’s a Bi-Coastal Professional eater, self-made multi-thousandaire, and one of the only people in the world who knows exactly how much “stuff” is contained in an Oreo cookie.

Jon B is the Chief of Staff & Booker for legendary NYC comedy club, Stand Up NY. Before joining Stand Up NY, he had an extensive career in concert touring, radio, hospitality, PR, and even a brief stint in politics. Jon lives in a far hill town in NJ with his dog and show mascot Leo.

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About Storic

Storic means story, fable, tale – it’s storytelling at its core and that’s what we do, and what we strive to be… where stories live. We want creativity to flourish – and we want to have a good time doing it.

At Storic we believe that podcasting is like the new frontier — there are no rules. We are proud to empower our passionate storytellers weekly in an environment inspired by no boundaries.